Sunday, July 16, 2006

friday's show and links

friday night at irving plaza was the Ozomatli show -
i won’t even get into how awful the opening band was, but i will say this: they did a song about palestine called blood in the streets. there, enough said.
OZOMATLI however, were fantastic. they opened with Chango which got the crowd – who until that point had been a typical NYC crowd – unmoving and detached – shaking its collective ass. between some new stuff that sounded pretty good to me they did dos cosas ciertas, como ves, cumbia de los muertos, ya viene el sol (one of my favorites), cuando canto - which made me indescribably happy, and my theme song déjame en paz (leave me in peace, just so you know). they ended with la misma cancion as per usual and the jumping into the crowd for the end samba. michelle got some good mini-video from her phone.
anyhow, i had a great time even though the sound could have been better – why does the sound always suck at irving? and man it was HOT in there. coming outside felt like being in air conditioning and it was 80 degrees out!! i wish i could’ve gone to the Philly show last night. oh well. and now it’ll be a really long time before they come back again...

here’s some news...

the new christian religion – tastes great or less filling?

hate groups in the military– quel surprise!!

juan pablo montoya - to jump to ganassi’s nascar team

and spoon-face wins in france. - blah blah blah...

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