Monday, July 3, 2006

links a-plenty

villeneuve thinking about jumping the pond to nascar says that it won't feel like a step down because it's like... totally different. um, yeah, TOTALLY.
and i'm only mentioning in passing that spoon-face schumacher won at Indy.

pedrosa takes the win at Donington with rossi finishing 2nd despite starting 12th with a broken bone and colin edwards, after taking a big spill last week finishes 6th. nice.

cali bikers ride to hollister
despite the town's decision to forgo the annual run to celebrate (why?) marlon brando's movie The Wild One. the town said it was too much of a hassle.

my favorite article title of the day goes to the LA Times for this one If only gay sex caused global warming!

the Cannabis Club - all you need is a doctor's note gotta love san francisco!

election in mexico too close to call so BOTH candidates claim victory.

Ozomatli count down: T minus 10 days...wheeee

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