Sunday, October 14, 2007

it's been some time...

a lot happening - some good things, some not so good.
i have a temporary job (so i can eat) that i don't like
at a pay scale that is embarrassing. i'm still looking for
a better gig.

the news has been crazy and even though i haven't done a good job
blogging about it, i have been keeping up. don't want to talk about
blackwater or the absolute spineless-ness of a democratic congress though.
with the president's approval rating in the toilet, i don't quite understand
why they don't blast him and his out of control administration a new one.
in the next few days i'll try and have it together enough to put some stuff up.

the weather finally cooled down - yesterday! not humid at all and even
when it's 80 it's nice. i can't wait to turn off the AC and sleep with
the windows open.

i took the 2nd week of january off from work (if i'm still there, that is) so i could hang out with melissa and steven who are coming to visit. the dog is good
and is trying to get the cat to like her but she's a goober and he's a cat so
it's been a bumpy ride. they're getting better though. apollo (the cat) jumps on the dogs back and tries to eat her - her response? yeah, she licks him! what a dog!

happy sunday...