Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a little ketchup

it's been a long time between posts.

i went to see Batman with my nephew and some of his friends.
it was spectacular. the only thing it needed was more of the Joker.
he could have been in every scene. but i still don't like christian bale - and
why did he have to rasp like that? to cleverly disguise his voice? ha!
not needed at all.

things are alright here. still haven't sold my dads condo -
real estate in florida is NOT happening.
my job is still the same - the police busted a counterfeit ring
about 30 minutes from me that were making 20's. we got hit twice.

i've been going to the beach and now that my aunt & uncle are in Aspen,
their pool, so i'm pretty tan. even my hair has gotten lighter.
and i don't even mind being seen in a bathing suit.

my roommate works with this guy who is an artist that just happens to do tattoos.
there are 3 that i still want and he's going to do the easiest one next week. for 50 bucks!
i'm pretty excited. i'll post a picture of what it will look like and then one after it's done.

i gave a guy my phone number. i hope he'll call. i really like him. and he has a motorcycle.
a huge plus!

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