Sunday, July 31, 2005

random articles of interest

McDonald's looking to update their uniforms - those interested in the make-over include Russell Simmons, P Diddy, and Tommy Hilfiger. go figure.

Grant Morrison's new comic book series Manhattan Guardian, uses (in some cases) historic architectural plans never constructed. including a hotel that Antonio Gaudi designed a hundred years ago AND a building designed by the Austrian architect Hans Hollein whose facade resembled the grill of a Rolls Royce. he proposed it be built for the new headquarters for Chase Manhattan Bank in the 1950's. Mr. Morrison created
'The Manhattan Guardian', a tabloid that employs Jake Jordan, a veteran of the New York Police Department, to protect New York from nefarious characters.

a great interview with Jim Jarmusch. he's got a new movie out called 'Broken Flowers' starring Bill Murray. it took the Grand Prix award (the runner-up, for which Jarmusch was very much relieved) at Canne. it looks to be his most universally accessible film to date. looking forward to it.

Friday, July 29, 2005

alone at last!

i will be blissfully, ecstatically, splendidly and undeniably
ALONE this weekend - except for the dog, of course
no continuous parade of 20 somethings saying 'hey mom'
i am not EVERYbody's damn mother!
steven and the horde are going to maine until tuesday.
WOO freakin' HOO!

and the clock starts... NOW!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

a free few moments

not much to say - petra is coming along quite nicely, although my free time (ha) is severely restricted since she doesn't really know how to maintain on her own yet. she needs someone to play with and i can honestly say i'm EXHAUSTED.

i do need to mention last night at bar 13, though. first off, tony brown was simply amazing to listen to. quite a presence - i enjoyed him immensely. now to this thing that needs mentioning. the 1st annual (will they dare repeat it?!) sock puppet slam. yes, you heard correctly. sock. puppet. slam. marty (and betty!) took home first place and proved to one and all that not only is she a good poet, but she also has a grand sense of humor. but rich, reading a piece that roger wrote, was seriously hysterical. my cheeks STILL hurt from laughing so damn hard. oh, and the AC - meat locker cold! yay for that.

i'm out - petra wants to play...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

been busy with my new

got her saturday. her name's Petra (greek-it means rock)
a rescue of sorts, she's a sweetheart, although at 8 months she's got a long way to go in the smarts department. her head is HUGE! melissa and mike brought over their pit - dart - and they had a grand old time together. the training may just wear me the hell out though... i'm tired!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

steven & melissa (lake george, june 2005)

i've added this picture of my children - well, not so much CHILDren, but you know what i mean - you can look at all my pictures by clicking on the flickr thingie on the right under the archives section (or any of the pictures underneath it for that matter)
or not - whatever...

oh, also, i keep having the biker build-off dream (and i keep winning!) so i'm thinking that maybe i should look up some old friends and get something started...!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

no news is...(much) better

P Diddy (un)written memoir law suit settled Sean P Puffy Daddy Combs (whatever he wants to call himself) settled a suit that Random House brought against him for keeping a $300,000 advance for a memoir he never got around to writing. terms were not disclosed, but since there will be no forthcoming book, i'm guessing he gave back the bucks...

CNOOC-ered - Bush security adviser helped firm land lobbying gig for Chinese oil company what a tangled web we weave - well, mostly those that practice shady dealings and think they're immune to detection. the whole bush administration seems to be falling apart from the inside out - hopefully the (wrong) half of the american population will finally wake the fuck up from their rip van winkle like slumber and get a grip on reality 2005.

when i'm 64... i'll give up my (day & night) job as a prostitute in berlin and retire...

White House silence on Rove broken as Bush continues to express confidence in Rove and i quote 'despite his involvement in a scandal over the leak of the identity of a CIA operative.' man, if this shit happened in my job (or anyone else's for christ's sake) i'd have been long gone. what will it take already??!

ok, too angry to continue right now

Monday, July 11, 2005

one good dream...

i dreamt i not only participated in, but WON, the Biker Build-Off championship!
with a rootbeer colored sportster from the early seventies (the best years,IMO)
i was welding and painting and fabricating my ass off! paul cox made me a beautiful
leather seat and i used the kicker pedal from my friend steve's bike that i took
from it before it was put away for good. how could i NOT win!?

it was the first good dream i've had in i don't know how long.
and aside from the painting, i could maybe do it!


oh, and tonight at 13, i heard a fantastic poet by the name of ragan fox.
he killed it!