Sunday, July 31, 2005

random articles of interest

McDonald's looking to update their uniforms - those interested in the make-over include Russell Simmons, P Diddy, and Tommy Hilfiger. go figure.

Grant Morrison's new comic book series Manhattan Guardian, uses (in some cases) historic architectural plans never constructed. including a hotel that Antonio Gaudi designed a hundred years ago AND a building designed by the Austrian architect Hans Hollein whose facade resembled the grill of a Rolls Royce. he proposed it be built for the new headquarters for Chase Manhattan Bank in the 1950's. Mr. Morrison created
'The Manhattan Guardian', a tabloid that employs Jake Jordan, a veteran of the New York Police Department, to protect New York from nefarious characters.

a great interview with Jim Jarmusch. he's got a new movie out called 'Broken Flowers' starring Bill Murray. it took the Grand Prix award (the runner-up, for which Jarmusch was very much relieved) at Canne. it looks to be his most universally accessible film to date. looking forward to it.

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