Tuesday, February 12, 2008

timed lapse or some such

another year older.
sunday i turned 48.
i don't even know what that means.
maybe a few more lines on my face,
but i still look pretty much the same -
feel pretty much the same too.

still listening to the beastie boys and
the clash. cannibal ox and jeff buckley.
and ozomatli forever.
still wish i was 10 pounds lighter.

my daughter spent january down here with me.
i played miniature golf for the first time in many years.
had a fun time even though i lost. wait - the one with the
most points does lose, right?
did lots of nothing and walked the dog.
ate salad every day.
went to the beach and ate ice cream.
found a new radio station.

i've been reading, but i don't feel like posting a book list tonight.
i will say that if you haven't read any of Bill Bryson's books you should.

the only thing that bothers me a little is the lack of a relationship.
i'm ready, but it's hard meeting people that want to know you, not just
want to fuck you. hmm, that was kind of crude. true, but crude just the same.

and honestly, i'm kinda lonely.