Tuesday, July 26, 2005

a free few moments

not much to say - petra is coming along quite nicely, although my free time (ha) is severely restricted since she doesn't really know how to maintain on her own yet. she needs someone to play with and i can honestly say i'm EXHAUSTED.

i do need to mention last night at bar 13, though. first off, tony brown was simply amazing to listen to. quite a presence - i enjoyed him immensely. now to this thing that needs mentioning. the 1st annual (will they dare repeat it?!) sock puppet slam. yes, you heard correctly. sock. puppet. slam. marty (and betty!) took home first place and proved to one and all that not only is she a good poet, but she also has a grand sense of humor. but rich, reading a piece that roger wrote, was seriously hysterical. my cheeks STILL hurt from laughing so damn hard. oh, and the AC - meat locker cold! yay for that.

i'm out - petra wants to play...

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