Friday, July 21, 2006

random particles of interest

i watched this documentary last night and i’m still unsure how i feel about it. the premise is: a texas man crosses the border into Mexico to find Mexican wives for lonely white
guys. he’s got an as on the highway and everything - if you’ve got 3 grand, he’ll find you a woman. they follow him around while he conducts his ‘bidness’ – the whole process from getting the men to Mexico, placing a personal ad in the local paper, to scheduling appointments with various women. his spanish is so-so but none of the men i saw spoke a word of anything but english. at one point, ‘cowboy cupid’- (which is how he sees himself) his real name is ivan thompson, compares women to horses – his commentary is supposed to induce laughter, not derision, but i didn’t find it all too funny. he found himself a Mexican wife, got divorced a year later because ‘she pissed me off’ and the RE-married her 2 years later because he said he really cared about her. they divorced again because she wanted to ‘learn english.’ he said ‘she got a car, a cell phone and then became the boss of me, the house, the kids, (which were HERS, i might add) and even the farm.’ he divorced her the 2nd time because she all of the sudden became ‘americanized.’ he sure as shit couldn’t have his woman thinking and doing for herself now, could he? oy vey, this movie pissed me off. but sometimes he was really likable. i dunno. i hope someone else has seen it or will see it and tell me how they feel about it.

i just need about 35 million more dollars so i can charter a flight to the moon and walk around all weight-less and stuff...

slide trumpeter and bandleader Steven Bernstein’s take on Prince's Darling Nikki

pelican bay prisoner Donny Johnson just had an art show at a gallery in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. his postcard sized paintings are created not with paints, because he's not allowed to have them, but with M&M's.


Christina said...

I wanna see it! I looked at the website and he kind of looks like a creep, but we'll see. Now I just have to find it in Bar Harbor?

sonja said...

i'll netflix it again when you're back in ny, k?