Sunday, April 2, 2006

short and sweet

dame puro amor para que viva mejor.

oh, and formula 1 was in melbourne, australia where fernando alonso beat out kimi raikkonen for the win. he (alonso) reminds me more and more of ayrton senna. there's an AMERICAN in formula 1 this year! scott speed (yes, that actually IS his name) and he's been around the racing scene for a while - he started in karts at 12 i think. i can't seem to find out if he's lake speed's son though. he was a nascar driver back in the day, but also was an international karting champ so maybe? if anyone knows...
oh also - why is david coultard STILL racing? he lost his edge ages ago. he should act or something. anyhow, nice to see some cars going fast.

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