Thursday, March 30, 2006

it's been a minute...

bolthouse farms perfectly protein mocha cappuccino. get it.

i've not been around much lately, but it's not like anyone really reads this on the regular anyhow, so i don't feel that bad. it's finally getting warmer out and this makes taking the dog out at 6AM not such a terrible thing.
work is stupid, so we shall dispense with any further mention.
my son (finally) got his own computer so i have mine all to myself. now i can find & trash all his hidden porn stuff!! haha. i bet he DOES have some, too. he's going to be 21 in june - not that that has anything to do with him downloading porn, but it just sorta hit me. thank god i'm not getting any older. (c'mon, play along, dammit!)
i watched the Situation Room with wolf blitzer last night. his guests were lou dobbs and jorge ramos (of telemundo) and they were squaring off about the proposed immigration bills by the senate and the house. nothing was actually said because the two were so antagonistic towards one another that all that happened was interrupted yelling. so much for a calm debate about important issues . then i watched the chapelle show and that was WAY more entertaining. i have a list of books but i'm too lazy to list them right now. i will recommend christopher moore's newest book called A Dirty Job - A Novel. as always it was HI-larious and seriously fun.

well, time to feed el perro.
more later...

i just saw this this morning and couldn't stop laughing. so read and enjoy! Aussie thieves try to steal a koala to sell for drug money


Tiny Tyrant said...

Good ol' Koalas, they look cute as, but you don't want to get between them and their eucalyptus leaves. The little buggers smell pretty awful, too.

Christina said...

I read your blog regularly, dammit!

sonja said...

i mean really, WHAT were they thinking? and then to trade it for a croc?!

you and...? well, thanks, anywho. :)

Tiny Tyrant said...

Maybe Steve Irwin can start teaching folk how to (safely) catch a Koala..