Saturday, September 17, 2005

rain rain go away...

so i'd just gotten out of the pool when the loudest crack of thunder EVER made me jump, and i almost landed back in the pool. then not a nano second later, a torrent of rain poured out of the not even grey sky so i hot-footed it back to the house. 7 -no really 6 because of the rain - days of swimming and sun. a lovely vacation to be sure. first time in many years i've had more than a few days off in a row...

i've read 5 books (so far) and gotten a tan. also, many, many freckles - so many that they look like like one big one (sort of)

these are the books i've read:

1) A Storm of Swords (the third in the series of A Song of Ice & Fire)
2) The Massacre at El Mozote (a non-fiction account of the massacre in El Salvador in 1982)
3) The Nature of Water and Air (very good fiction)
4) A Rumor of War (non-fiction memoir by Philip Caputo on his time in Vietnam)
5) Witch Hunt (good intrigue/thriller by one of my favorites - Ian Rankin)

more later...


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Christina said...

i want to see this giant freckle of yours. i am well on my way to becoming white as a ghost... but it stopped raining and i managed to make three mugs for ceramics (i plan on making a giant beer stein as well) so things could be worse!