Tuesday, September 13, 2005

a few things of interest

11 children are found in cages in foster parents house how is it that no charges have been filed as yet? the ages of the children range form 1 to 14 - one has autism. all left to sleep in these cages that are 40 x 40.

this from davey d about the cops shutting down a benefit concert for hurrican katrina with krs 1, and dead prez in L.A.

i will get around to writing a thing on the Indian Larry memorial, but since i started my vacation, i've not been anxious to sit in front of the computer for too long. so this is all for now.

swimming and reading and relaxing are on my agenda for the rest of the week...


The Humanity Critic said...

Good post. Just passing through, I'm liking the blog by the way.

Q.Rock639 said...

yeah, i was on my way to the dead prez show when I heard it was shut down. I wrote a bit about it and shouted you out for old time sake.