Sunday, June 12, 2005

you can drink and get stupid in scotland, but not get high and get stupid, i guess

too stoned to study in scotland
According to the most recent statistics, nearly 400 under-16s in Scotland were officially classified as drug addicts - nearly double the figure of 1999. The Headteachers' (no, i did NOT make that up!) Association of Scotland (HAS) has also warned of a growing "cannabis epidemic" in the nation's schools and has voiced its
unhappiness with the government's decision to downgrade cannabis from a class B to a class C drug

mike 'just fighting to pay the bills' tyson says he's retiring at age 39, after an embarrassing tko loss to kevin mcbride. mikey says 'he's not an animal anymore and that he does not want to disgrace the sport.' no irony whatsoever in his words or their meaning.
now THAT is some funny stuff right there!

qualifying took place yesterday afternoon in montreal for the canadian grand prix - and I should BE there, but that's a whole 'nother topic of discussion better left un-discussed. anyhow, surprisingly enough, jensen button, racing for BAR, took pole position away from both fernando alonso and the hated (in my case, anyway) michael schumacher. the track is on Île Notre Dame, right on the St Laurence river, one of the prettiest places ever.
*big sigh* oh well, there's always next year...

late edit...
alonso threw away the lead (and the points) early in the race
giving kimi raikkonen the 10 points he needed to close the gap
between them for the championship. next stop on the F1 schedule: indianapolis


Tiny Tyrant said...

My man Webber did ok's. But not good enough considering the car he has.

Are you going to Indianapolis?

Joey said...

This whole "interest in racing" thing needs to stop :)

sonja said...

webber is a good driver - i was hoping that he would jump 2 spots in points to get past both schumacher and his team-mate heidfeld. unfortunately, i will not be in indianapolis this year - are you going?

joey, joey, joey -
NEVER!! hahaha

Tiny Tyrant said...

Nup, not going. Too much of a journey for me.

An "interest" in racing? Sure.

sonja said...

if i didn't have friends there, i would never consider going to indy - too far. montreal is only 6 and half (depending on how fast you drive!) hours from NY, so i always go there. except this year, but i'm not pouting or anything...
where are you on the globe?

Tiny Tyrant said...

East coast of Australia.. Sydney to be exacto.

I grew up near the F1 track in Adelaide (before Melbs took the event), in fact my primary school was right on the track. We had days off when the circus hit town... [wipes wistful tear from eye] back in the day.

I think Alonso has the Championship. F1 is about momentum and he's got it.

sonja said...

i'm with you on alonso. i don't think raikkonen will make it - and i didn't even do the math (it makes my head hurt anyway)
regardless, i am almost swooning that schumacher is no where near the championship this season.

woo, i'd love to have gone to see them race in adelaide. i've always wanted to go to australia. back before all the IRL bullshit, i wanted to go to surfer's paradise to see the CART race there, but now it's all so lame...

nice talking racing, by the way.