Wednesday, June 8, 2005

insert witty title here

there's nothing much to tell
i made fried chicken
i finished one of my books
oh, and i have writer's block



I am the human unraveling thing
I peel layers and cast them off like some kind of animal act
It’s ugly
The human navel orange
I like things that are ugly
They tell me everything
An addiction to truth will leave you in a pile on the floor
Make you sick of yourself
Rip yourself apart
Walk until it falls away
Seek darkness until you see blinding light
Know that there are too many cowards in the world
They speak the loudest

this is just a snippet of a henry rollins
diatribe - which just happens to correspond
to the way i'm feeling at the present time
take it for what it is...


ok - i found some stuff that should be mentioned:

the first is an exhibition at Cook Fine Art:
women by women in photography
it's an exhibition that features women from the late 19th century to the present, including Tina Modotti, Francesca Woodman, Cindy Sherman, and Mary Ellen Mark. Mary Ellen Mark is one of my all time favorite photographers - her series on runaway children in Seattle was made into a film called StreetWise. she's spent a lot of time in India and her portrayl of the brothels, and of all things, the circuses, are among my favorite photos. go see them all.

and this was in the paper yesterday -
at the paramont theater, in peekskill, (yes, that's in NY)
they're hosting a 4 day hip-hop symposium which includes film screenings, a photo exhibit (martha cooper's fantastic pictures from her book The Hip Hop Files), a panel discussion called “Hip-Hop Arts & Activism: What's the Connection?” and Will Power will be performing his one-man show (which debuted in NYC in 2003) called 'Flow'.
here's the link to the theater: paramount center

read this article - it's about masturbation
get underground dot com

oh, and speaking of masturbation,
i read today that Viagra can cause blindness in some cases.
does that constitute irony?

ok, that's it for me. (really)

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