Monday, June 6, 2005

one day the news will be all good, but not today

so take a guess at how big our deficit is now - go on, guess
whelp, if you guessed 666 billion dollars
(does that number seem...familiar to anyone?) you'd be correct.
and we've borrowed money from EVERYbody - china, russia, and india.
INDIA! read this:
it's all take, take, take with U.S.

the continuing 'evaluation' of the genocide (no debate needed,IMO)
in darfur. only the women go out into dangerous wooded areas to
collect firewood now because the men who have gone out in the past have
been killed. why do the women go? because they 'only' get raped,
not killed...
policy of rape and this one from the scotsman online paper
at least SOMEone's investigating this

i haven't read anything other than this on the subject of a vaccine for
marburg and ebola - it's been 100% effective with monkeys and that surely
bodes well for people. i remember reading the hot zone and it keeping me up
way into the early hours - scary shit right there.
this is from the new york times:
ebola vaccine

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