Tuesday, June 14, 2005

this and that

so. the beastie boys.
james newton's law suit has been thrown out. apparently, 3 notes aren't enough to constitute copy right infringement. (thanks, christina)

i don't want to seem like a light weight, but this heat is KILLING me. no AC at home - i've got 79 fans going all at once though (hello enormous electric bill)
thankfully, the workplace is centrally air conditioned...

i need a vacation.
and i actually want to GO somewhere this time, dammit!

killer jellyfish of australia. these guys aren't the passive, floating, non-threatening types we've all heard of. NO. these dangerous things will hunt you down -at 2 knots per hour, and kill you in one, that's 1, minute flat!!

i want this to be my next ride... well, a girl can dream, right?

also, i'm surprised that no one commented on the masturbation article i linked to the other day.
my poems and ramblings, i understand, but a whole article on masturbation? huh


da mountain said...

Sweet motorcycle. I didn't know that you rode.
You should mos def check out Easter Island, Sonja. It is spectacular - and the surfing! Wow.

I will read the masturbation article, but I'm not promising a comment. You're poem on the other hand, I will comment on, as always.

Try & stay cool

sonja said...

i wish i was coordinated enough to surf, billy - alas, i am not. but easter island remains a place that i know i need to see. when did you go?

i love that bike - my ex is a bike builder, so i've been around them for years - and running the parts department as well. you can probably imagine the hilarity that ensued...!