Sunday, April 3, 2005

can't say enough about


loved loved loved it
the cast - well, i'm NOT a huge
mickey rourke fan - but holy shit
was he fanfriggintastic

and a barely recognizable
benicio del toro... no words
bruce willis was, well... bruce willis
and that was good
and elijah wood - spooky as hell
(and SO far from frodo :))

so robert rodriguez and frank miller are geniuses
i really felt transported into
the comic as i never have been before
when these comics (batman, hellboy, constantine, etc)
are made into films

AND i saw it in an actual theater
with balconies and a curtain
how awesome is that?
(rhetorical question)


da mountain said...

I saw it yesterday and LOVED it too. How good was Mickey Rourke?
Great movie.


sonja said...

awesome, right? and i don't
even LIKE him...
but i DO like clive owen...!