Wednesday, April 20, 2005

say what?!

so i'm busy doing the nanny thing today
and me & the kid (naya) turn on PBS to
watch mr. rogers, which had already started
just as the picture comes into focus, i see
mr. rogers talking to a young boy, around 12,
who is carrying a large piece of cardboard
and a boom box - and he starts teaching mr. rogers
how to breakdance - i shit you not!
mr. rogers is doing the wave and
YES, ladies and gentlemen,
i started drooling -
that's how long my mouth was open for...

surreal moment #628979


da mountain said...

That is too funny. I can almost picture it, but not quite!


sonja said...

i totally forgot how much
(even though it's corny)
i liked the show - so much better
than all those crazy ass cartoons
they have out for kids now...

he was MOONwalking!
shoot, that was rich!

have a good weekend, MT

Bold Strokes said...

that is beautiful, man!

Mr rogers iz in da hizzo!!