Sunday, April 3, 2005

lesson learned...

there's nothing like waking up after actually sleeping for a few hours to the sound of an insistent ringing. without glancing at the number (i know, i know), i press talk and hear this: good morning madam (!) i'm hoping you're interested in saving some money today! i say who the hell is this? he says why it's you're favorite local pet store. i say i haven't got a favorite local pet store so no thanks. don't you want to hear what you can save, he says? i say don't you want to know if i have a pet? then all he heard was a dial tone. what nerve! telemarketers should have to leave you alone on sundays. there's this thing that you can buy that picks up the phone for you if it's one of those numbers and says something curt like this person isn't interested in what you have to offer so piss off. well, maybe i made the piss off part up, but you can really get that phone thingy. now i have to find something to do to make my general mood improve because i am not going to let that guy ruin an otherwise potentially pleasant day
(even if it is raining the rain of the end times.)
hmm, maybe i’ll go see Sin City.
that ought to do it. so there.

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