Friday, August 3, 2007

The water said to the dirty one,
"Come here."
The dirty one said,
"I am too ashamed."
The water replied:
"How will your shame be washed away without me?"

still no job.
filling out applications sucks, big time.

went swimming this morning. i have a tan.
it's still blazing hot, but there's an Amish restaurant
close by that's delicious and cheap. and they have pie.

i had to buy a 'beware of dog' sign to put on the fence. it's some sort of city ordinance or something. beware of dog that may lick you to death is what it should read.


Tiny Tyrant said...

don't be in too much of a rush to start working. my experience has led me to believe that jobs are over rated.

Hamilton vs Alonso. how good is it? reality tv F1 style.

sonja said...

The Alonso/Hamilton thing kind of reminds me of Senna and Prost back when they were team-mates back in the day. Same team and all...huh.

Work definitely is over rated. Now all I need is a sugar daddy! Wow, did I just date myself?!