Tuesday, August 14, 2007

some news and a mini update

Has there ever been THIS much drama in F1? remember the days of Heinz Harold Frentzen? When spoonface stole his girlfriend and then MARRIED her? That's the way Alonso and Hamilton are going in the gossip department. Niiice.

William Lobdell, L.A Times's religion correspondent, loses faith after reporting church scandal after church scandal. Now that's sad.

Large-scale surveillance plan enacted in China. Where did they get the technology? From us! It's coming and I know I sound paranoid, but after congress failed to stand up to this administration and made legal what had been illegal wire tapping and surveillance HERE you know I'm right.

This is Noah, and he's rocking out to my favorite band Ozomatli

still looking for a job. i went on an interview today for a store manager position, but we'll see. i'm going to check out the store later today.

the house is shaping up. pictures have been hung, furniture has been arranged and books taken out of their boxes - i'm amazed at how many books i'd gotten rid of. i can now fill a single 5 shelf bookcase whereas in NY i had 5. not counting my bedroom. wow.

i meet with a realtor (my cousin Mark's friend) tomorrow to see about putting my father's condo up for sale. august is a slow month here, so it probably won't happen until september. i went over there yesterday to measure the bureau and clean it out so i can use it. that was harder than i thought it would be. i bagged a lot of his things to be donated to goodwill. i was surprised to find that he had prayer books in hebrew. also, many pictures i never knew existed. it's been 2 months since he died and sometimes it feels like yesterday and others, like today, it feels like ages ago. time is a bizarre and elastic thing sometimes.

i also need to sell my father's Camaro. i'm just waiting to see how much it's worth. tarik should let me know sometime this week.

steven & melissa are planning to come down in january. steven for a week and melissa for longer since she's off for the winter from landscaping. i doubt i'll be able to make it back to NY for thanksgiving. that's sucky since it'll be the first time we won't be celebrating all together.

i'll have a booklist again sometime in the near future...

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