Saturday, May 5, 2007

news and video and a little whine with my cheese

george tenet and ron jeremy - you know you want to read it.

the NYTimes no longer plans to attend the white house correspondent’s dinner. too much jackassery.

satan's influence on immigrants? WTF?! ooohh, it's UTAH! i get it.

Oregon's governor Ted Kulongoski pretends he’s on the food stamp program. he has $21 to spend. for a week’s groceries. that's not even a lot of 33 cent cup o' soup.

jon stewart on the renaming of ‘timetables’ in Iraq. ‘perhaps patriot dates? freedom deadlines? glory goals?' he then goes on to say ‘what decent, law abiding, patriotic american wouldn’t stand behind a glory goal?” had me giggling. a lot.

It's interesting how the criticism of the war in Iraq so far has been discussed in the passive voice. "Mistakes have been made" -- no one has yet named "The Mistaker" - from The News Hole (Countdown) on how the republicans described the ‘situation’ in Iraq on last week's debate.

gladiator bones found in Turkey.

robbs dept. store (in england) bosses set off the fire alarm to get all their employees together, not because the building was on fire, but because THEY were fired.

scientists find the gene that decides how long we live.

why drug reform won’t be quick to happen even though gov. spitzer used this as a talking point in his campaign platform.

no longer the decider? now you can call him the ‘commander guy’

grindhouse style movie posters for all kinds of movies – like Casablanca!

impeach bush/cheney this didn't rate a blip in the national papers. it's pretty incredible. and cheeky, too.

this is video (10 minutes worth) of the mayday immigration protest at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles. a peaceful protest turned bloody with riot gear, huge rubber bullets and tear gas.

i'm going to florida on the 19th to check out the rental situation. my dad has been hard at work putting the feelers out and he's come up with some potentials. he goes tuesday for yet another MRI to see if the lesions in his brain have all gone. i went to dinner last night with mike and melissa to this turkish place - it was decent. the food was better than the atmosphere. we got to talking about me moving and melissa said something so obvious that i couldn't believe i hadn't thought about it sooner. thanksgiving. i won't be here to cook for, and host, the 6th annual misfits holiday dinner. that made me so sad that i was grateful the meal was over and i could get home. it hadn't even occured to me. how stupid am i? not to have thought about the holidays? this sucks.

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