Saturday, March 3, 2007

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by 2008 we'll all need internal passports to be able to board an airplane.

steven spielberg and a stolen Norman Rockwell?

a Kuwaiti diplomat and his abused hired help - says he's untouchable because of his diplomatic status.

osama NOT the leader of al-qaeda? so says tony snow(job)

is that a grenade in your grocery bag?

clocks to be removed from post office in an attempt to trick customers on line into thinking they haven't been standing there for a decade.

fired U.S. Attorney David C. Iglesias says lawmakers pressured him to speed up a probe of democrats just before the november elections.

my employer has done it again. turned something not directly involving her into a showcase for her self involved-ness (yeah, i made it up.) a close friend of hers told her that his brother's wife just gave birth to a baby with Down's Syndrome. instead of saying something empathetic, she tells the friend how completely devasted (her word) she is. NOT for their situation, but of course, for how it made HER feel. i swear some days i'd just like to smack the shit out of her. she was miffed (her word again) when his response was to end the call.
also, after the snow we had last week her husband and the kid go make a snowman. cute, right? yeah, until i saw the SNOWMAN KIT sitting on a shelf. seriously.

i read this on Overheard in NY: Earnest student giving presentation: I was going to talk about Freud, but I decided he was tanGenital to the discussion. how HI-larious is that? well, it made my day.

anyhow, it's gorgeous out and the dog wants to play outside.
enjoy the day, people.

ann coulter and what she said about john edwards. the link is to edward's site. it's great. you can watch the video and contribute to his campaign all on the same page! i love the interweb!
here's some more linkage...
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