Sunday, February 25, 2007

books and assorted distractions

1) Caramba!: a tale told in turns of the card by Nina Marie Martínez
2) First Indian on the Moon by Sherman Alexie
3) The Virgin of Flames by Chris Abani
4) GraceLand by Chris Abani
5) Lost City Radio by Daniel Alarcón
6) Nick's Trip by George Pelecanos
7) Sins of the Seventh Sister by Curtiss Huston
8) The Informant: a true story by Kurt Eichenwald
9) There are Jews in my House by Laura Vapnyar

peter pan peanut butter salmonella scare in Atlanta.

keep it short, keep it clean. and no mention of sex, either. in canberra there's a new 5 minute rule concerning eulogies.

can you guess what the president was doing while a white house diaster drill was going on? if you said riding his bike, you'd be right. perfect.

so it looks as though june is when i'll move to florida. i've started going through my books - god, there's SO damn many of them! i'm being relentless about the ones i'll keep and the ones i'll donate. i've looked at houses online - the sarasota paper is really good - and there's no shortage of places. or jobs for that matter. i found a few with fenced yards, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths all for $850 or so a month. THAT doesn't suck at least. and i can donate a lot of winter clothes as well.

the last mri that my father had found not just the one lesion in his brain, but 2, so they're going to suspend his chemo and try radiation on the larger of the two. he's not in any pain, still has a sense of humor and a positive attitude. i try and keep that going on the phone, but i'm always a little relieved when we hang up. and yeah, i feel pretty guilty about that.

gonna hop in the shower.

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