Friday, November 24, 2006

thanksgiving and miscellaneous news and or books

thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. mostly because of the food. i love to cook everything that has anything to do with turkey day. this was the 5th annual misfits thanksgiving - hard to believe 5 years have passed - and friends who have no family, no family close by, or can't stand their family all attended. we had turkey and stuffing and sweet potato pie (i had to make 3 this year!) and honey carrots and garlic smashed potatoes and homemade (thanks michele) cookies and my pumpkin pie. the dog was much better this year. my poor little living room was bursting at the seams - especially with the prancing puppy about. it was a nice evening. i'm glad i have today off as well. i need some time to re-group and also to eat some leftovers!
i hope those of you that do the thanksgiving thing enjoyed yourselves as much as i did.

Los Amigos Invisibiles are playing at S.O.B.'s on Friday Dec 1 - go see them!

here's some news:
there was a hurricane on Saturn's south pole that measures 5000 miles in diameter.

the most visible leader of the leftist movement Oaxaca People's Assembly, Flavio Sosa, faces arrest warrants on riot and conspiracy charges in Oaxaca. the movement had been trying to oust state Gov. Ulises Ruiz. the assembly accuses Ruiz of rigging the 2004 election to win office and sending gangs of gun-toting thugs against his opponents.

After 54 years making door-to-door deliveries of bread and pastries to people in southeast Los Angeles County, Herman Langley is retiring.

Scientists in Geelong have created something talent-lean wannabe rock gods everywhere need: an air-guitar shirt that allows its wearer to
actually play!

and some books:

1) Carry Me Like Water by Benjamin Alire Saenz
2) We Are All Fine Here by Mary Guterson
3) The Areas of my Expertise: an almanac of complete world knowledge compiled with instructive annotation and arranged in useful order by John Hodgman
4) 109 East Palace : Robert Oppenheimer and the secret city of Los Alamos by Jennet Conant
5) Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures : a true story from Hell on Earth by Kenneth Cain, Heidi Postlewait and Andrew Thomson
6) How the Universe got its Spots: diary of a finite time in a finite space by Janna Levin

let me just say that i enjoyed Carry Me Like Water so much that i've ordered a copy from amazon (used, of course!) the characters, their interaction, and the dialogue just flowed together so beautifully that by the time i finished the book i felt as if i knew them all personally and i was sad beyond belief to say goodbye to them.
and in Mary Guterson's We are all Fine Here, i didn't like the main character until the very end - though the story was good enough to keep me reading it.

that's it for now. i'm gonna go have some leftovers...

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