Sunday, August 20, 2006

news links

hmm, so this is the legitimate way to cheat in formula 1. interesting.

dead climber found after the ice melted. 17 years later.

gives a new meaning to the words lady KILLERS doesn't it?

Our Lady of Guadalupe spotted in a piece of chocolate.

Don Vito Margera arrested on alleged sexual assault of a minor.

out of gas in Baghdad. yup, the country with the most oil has no fuel.

Jimmy Carter speaks about the US, Israel, Cuba, and george bush's "radical and unpressured departure from the basic policies of all previous administrations including those of both Republican and Democratic presidents"

“what the U.S. government is doing in Nicaragua would be illegal if a foreign government tried to do it in the U.S.” what, we have too much free time on our hands?

Japan imposes suspension of exported U.S. rice that has not been approved for human consumption.

official language debate in Ukraine

the few, the proud the rapists?

did i mention that my vacation starts soon? i'm down to 9 days...

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