Saturday, June 17, 2006

F1 update and other racing news

remember the indianapolis formula 1 debacle last year?
no? well, read this and you'll be up to speed (so to speak)
and just one year later... federal judge rules on fan law suit.
Honda says there will be no repeat of last years tire problems what with all the testing they've done at Indy already
an axl rose spotting? at silverstone racetrack - as a guest of mercedes benz, yet.

and for those MotoGP fans - valentino rossi rode one hell of a race at Mugello as he and 4 other guys battled one another for the win.

rally racing coming to ireland?

and i couldn't pass up the opportunity to include an article on the World Cup that made mention of the
marvelous Maradona

on a personal note: today is my son's 21st birthday.
and as Vizzini in the Princess Bride repeats: INCONCEIVABLE

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Tiny Tyrant said...

I watched the start of the motogp but then went to bed after my man Stoner crashed out, again. I thought he was gonna blitz the season (by rookie standards) but it looks like he is still learning how to wield the power.

what I did see and made me do a double take: Rossi's pass on Hayden, for second place, was outrageous.. sideways under brakes into a corner, no problem, just twist on more throttle and go through the whole corner sideways and leave a nice black mark to boot. as they say in the classics, "inconceivable!".