Sunday, June 19, 2005

formula 1 fiasco

i never thought i'd say this, but i'm SO glad i didn't go to Indianapolis for the Grand Prix.
here's the thing - turns out that the drivers using Michelin tires didn't race. WHAT?!
yep, that's what i said. the president of Michelin declared the final turn (without a proposed chicane) unsafe to take on those tires after the high speed accident that ralph schumacher had on friday. all weekend long (unbeknownst to the multitude of fans) the teams were arguing with Michelin and Tony George (he owns the track) about putting up a chicane to slow down the drivers coming into that particular turn. no deal was struck and the teams on Michelins (all but 3 teams!!) drove the parade lap and then pulled into the garages. the fans were freaking out - they spent a bazillion dollars on 3 day ticket packages - not to mention plane, train, and automobile fares and accomodations as well. to see 6 cars race!! schumacher (the hated) took the win (?) while fans booed him over the finish line - even those who LIKE him apparently. i saw plenty of booing fans wearing ferrari/schumacher t-shirts.
i'm unsure of the ultimate fall-out, but you can be sure there will be some. maybe even the venue's cancellation...


Tiny Tyrant said...

Putting pressure on these guys to race with equipment which the manufacturer advises will fail, again, is not very nice.

Its not a blood sport.

Make the track safe, you clowns.

sonja said...

i still can't believe that tony george wouldn't do all that he could to make the track safe - it's almost as if he was telling bernie and the teams to go home and never come back. granted, he's an idiot, but i didn't think he was into losing that much revenue... i just don't get it. all the fans (rightfully so) wanted refunds and he tells them in a public announcement to call and write the president of Michelin for their refund!

Tiny Tyrant said...

Yeah, the 'race fans' weren't too happy.

Call the Michelin Prez for a refund? What a goose.

I'm sure Bernie will still collect his staging fees.

I didn't see the race as its on early Monday morning in my parts, but apparently Schumacher and Barrichelo almost had a stack with each other.


sonja said...

get this, in regards to adding a chicane: ...'But the FIA insisted it could not alter the rules to satisfy teams with inadequate equipment.' not only that, but they filed CHARGES against all 7 teams that didn't race!

"Failed to ensure you had a supply of suitable tyres";

"Wrongly refused to allow your cars to start the race";

"Wrongly refused to allow your cars to race subject to a speed restriction in one corner which was safe for such tyres as you had available".