Sunday, May 7, 2006

some news and some books

i may be obssessed about Easter Island but i just really, really want to go.

if you're still in college trying to figure out what to major in and you're kind of - well, really smart, think about psychometrics. it's all about academic test-makers. very interesting stuff.

talk about big brother! watching television isn't obnoxious enough?

seal your secrets... and have them displayed on 44th street?!

1. kim stanley robinson's Forty Signs of Rain
2. lynn foster's A Brief History of Central America
3. jim sagel's El Santo Queso: Cuentos
4. jaime suchlicki's Mexico: From Montezuma to NAFTA, Chiapas, and Beyond
5. celia wakefield's Under the Tabachin Tree: A New Home in Mexico
6. eric burdon's Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
7. mark kurlansky's Boogaloo on 2nd Avenue

walking the dog has been made much more pleasant in recent days. one being the nice warm weather and the second being the delivery of an ipod that my employer promised me months ago. she got them (3) for free from some fundraising chick she knows. so yay for me! and i went out and spent 30 bucks (why are all ipod accessories 30 bucks, BTW?) on one of those arm band thingies. so now there's a new bounce to my step at 6 freakin 45 AM!!

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Christina said...

my ipod case was $35.
And YAY for your IPOD!!! How exciting!