Sunday, April 9, 2006

more step, less hobble

so my friend christina is working at the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco for the next couple of months. in addition to all the cataloging she's doing, she also attends events there. i spoke to her yesterday and she told me about the one they had the night before - something about sex and superheroes - i dunno. but she told me about this really drunk woman who got pissy with her (she was working the door) because there was no smoking allowed in the room and if she wanted to smoke, she had to go down 2 flights of stairs. robert, christina's boss asked her what was going on and she told him about the obnoxious drunk lady. he asked her where she went and christina looked inside the room where the event was and pointed the woman out to robert by saying AND I QUOTE 'look, she's the one straddling Batman' i never thought i'd hear that sentence from - well - from ANYONE!! too funny.

my foot feels better although i was just getting used to my son and his friends calling me Hob - my foot turned the craziest colors. i watched a lot of movies since i wasn't really getting around too much. i liked Capote, i liked Broken Flowers, (especially the soundtrack) i didn't like Junebug, or The Ice Harvest . i've also been watching the series American Family (i got the dvd box set) and i'm really enjoying it. it was on PBS a few years ago. Edward James Olmos, Esai Morales, Sonia Braga - takes place in L.A. good stuff. i also watched Godspell - does anyone remember this musical/movie? 1972 or3 i think. it's based on the gospel according to St. Matthew. filmed entirely on new york streets and central park, and washington square and features as Jesus, Victor Garber. yeah, the name sounded familiar to me and he also looked real familiar, but it wasn't until my son said hey, isn't that the guy from Alias? you know, jennifer garner's father? and bingo, he was right. singing and everything. huh.
well, gotta get moving -

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