Wednesday, May 25, 2005

sometimes insomnia isn't such a bad thing

being awake when others are sleeping has its rewards...
early this AM (around 4 to be precise) i happened upon
a box in a box
since i'm trying to be more organized, i figured i'd go through both
and hopefully purge some more of my cluttered past
the first box was indeed filled with purge-able flotsam & jetsom
that neither impacted, nor altered my present course, so
into the round file it all went...
oh, but the second box... what treasure - what i thought was just
junky old photos, turned out to be
MY WEDDING pictures!
the (very) short-lived union between the lopez-baron clan and me
(since no one from my family would come, having tossed me out when
the word 'pregnant' popped up...)
taken by the ex's uncle raymond - i'm not sure what the spanish equivalent
of oy vey is, but you get the idea... not the sharpest eye
here is a link to them:


man, was i young! and that hair... well, things sure have changed since

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