Sunday, May 22, 2005

kingdom of heaven

so i went to see Kingdom of Heaven today
even AFTER reading all the negative reviews because
1) orlando bloom looks good with facial hair (REALLY good)
2) ridley scott, though extraordinarily predictable,
makes big movies look beautiful
3) i love going to this particular theater because it has,
not only balcony boxes, and a curtain, but a man that
sits in one of said balconies in front of a giant Wurlitzer organ
and PLAYS that shit! LOUD. it's an awesome sight to behold
4) tickets are matinee prices until 3pm, so yay for 6 bucks!
5) bagel train. for those in the know (and i KNOW) they have
THE best (no contest) bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches
that i have ever had - AND they make them all day...
and last, but certainly not least
6) good movie-going company

ok, so the movie wasn't that good
the plot was predictable and
hard to follow all at once, i cared about
none of the characters (not even orlando bloom's, really)
and it had a terrible ending
oh well, i can think of worse ways to spend a few hours
and a few dollars, so you'll hear no bitching from me

on the other hand,
tomorrow is monday and that bites
but i guess if every day was sunday
then sunday wouldn't be so sweet

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