Thursday, January 6, 2005

under the surface

you're gonna make me lonesome when you go
(so i) went to see the gypsy
never gonna be the same again

the triumph of our tired eyes
grief is not quantifiable
her despair reeks of alcohol

(you are a) shadow on the sun
(and) i am the highway
spread your love

something so wild
under the surface
sundazed to the core

satisfy my soul
(with) tones of home
(and your) new york serenade


da mountain said...

Usually parentheses drive me nuts, but I have to say
that they added, instead of detracted, to this collection of seeming non-sequiters. Real nice 1st and last stanzas, Sonja


sonja said...

hmm, i use them (alot) see?!
glad you got past it...
non-sequiters in this case are
random song lyrics and some filler
i added - i hear it's a good way
to break a block
and it's FUN!