Friday, January 7, 2005

sugar the pill

my falling words
have been calculating infinities
in the last remaining light;
while eating bullets of acceptance
with porcelain heart promises

sometimes i still feel the bruises
so i will keep all bad things from you
i still carry you around, you see
so let the tears fall, baby
a thousand kisses deep

nomadic revelry:
a faint moment of good fortune
the moon is in the gutter
as i sway in the thin cool breeze
bloody, but unbowed

broken by the whispers
of your dyslexic heart;
staring down the barrel of limited options
there are (at least) 21 reasons why you
can’t put your arms around a memory

i was buried alive in the blues
up the hill backwards
forever is tomorrow, is today, is now
and the dawn brings only smoke
for the widow of a living man


noodles said...

girl, can i honestly say get some help? mabey you wanna check out my blog it's : noodle-head

keep going on girl...

sonja said...

hmm, help for what, exactly?

da mountain said...

WTF was that all about??

Anyhow, about this poem - it's an absolute word feast
and the last stanza is KILLER.