Sunday, January 23, 2005

this time

(not so)
cautiously looking toward tomorrow
realizing finally that
i am not an island
nor do i wish to be
(any longer)

selfish though – want it on my terms
(this time)
not fully cured...yet
still hope for me

even if my heart cracks
and i have to buy stock in kleenex
i won’t have a sour grapefruit face
and i won’t let my heart shrivel
into something pea sized and unrecognizable
because i can’t have it
(this time)

not only am i reaching out for
what i want
i’m not going to be shy
about putting it out there either
where has keeping it to myself
gotten me in the past
i ask you?

so lookout
you may get more
than you’ve bargained for

then again, maybe not


da mountain said...

I think it's great how you take an ordinary subject and turn it into something serious to ponder. Building up your defenses takes just as much energy as letting it all hang out I think, and in the end, the pain is just about equal to a busted heart, so I say, what the hell -let your freak flag fly high!
On second thought, it's been a while, so maybe just let it waft... :)


sonja said...

my freak flag, huh?
that's a new one
and immah steal it...!


Q.Rock639 said...

whats up! nice post ms s!
btw, freak flag=jimi hendrix flashback!

sonja said...

hmm, why i did not know that
is beyond me since i LOVE jimi
thanks for helping a girl out...