Sunday, January 2, 2005

quaker license?!

the wedding of my ex went pretty well
but one thing was pretty funky and that
was that no one officiated at the ceremony -
in PA, you can get what's known as a Quaker's license
(for a little extra $) and all you need to do is exchange
vows and wah-la, you're married!
so that was a bit weird
and everyone (not me though) was crying their eyes out
(which i don't understand at all) and then there was
the toast and several speeches and plenty singing
then cake
then i was up outta there

2 hours each way...
the only thing that saved us from falling asleep
(jersey turnpike and penn pike = mind numbingly boring)
was belting out the lyrics to all the beastie boys
songs that we know but only 2 out of the 3 of us can sing
so i'll let you figure out who sucked...

nice weather though
(because we broke the sky
and some higher being is real
pissed at us these days i think)

happy new year and all that nonsense

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