Thursday, December 30, 2004

too tired to sleep?

i've always had problems sleeping
but these last few years have grown worse
and my dreams have started again.
i thought i had put certain things to rest,
but they've snuck into my dreams and
it's like the years never went by at all it's so fresh.
i had the dream about steve again -
it's been years since i went to his parents house
and looked in the drawer knowing i would find
the sparkly purple rock just like he said i would -
but i had the whole dream - even the worst bits -
maybe there's something going on that i don't understand yet
and i just have to wait and see - but i'm so tired
and all i want is
to sleep 3 hours in a row -
is that asking too much?


da mountain said...

Have you tried Melatonin or Valerian?
They usually work - or you could just chug a
fifth of Jack...

sonja said...

yup - i've tried every damn thing
(except chugging jack, that is)
and nothing helps - thanks though
if i don't sleep tonight, i'm getting
out the mallet...!