Sunday, February 11, 2007

a little vent

first of all, did you know that there's a mexico, new york?
it's on the eastern edge of lake ontario. just fyi is all...

ok. 2 things that have been driving me a little crazy.
and they're both TV commercials.
the first one is that visa check card one in the cafeteria. everything is flowing along quite smoothly with everyone paying with their visa card. that is until this joker comes along and tries to pay with - you guessed it - CASH! that bastard!
all of a sudden there's this huge cluster-fuck because the line stops moving. i can't tell you how much this annoys the crap out of me. i guess it's because i'm the one always paying in cash.
the second one is the KFC one where a boy calls home to ask for permission to eat dinner at his friends house. he tells his mom that yes, the parents are home, they're all sitting down to a meal together, but the mom doesn't believe him. so he puts his friend's mom on the phone and she confirms what the boy said. what the mom can't believe is that they're all sitting down to a home cooked meal on a week night. since when is KFC home cooked? this one really pisses me off.


Christina said...

I must say that your blog looks dandy as well. I don't think I've ever seen the KFC commercial you speak of. However something that's only up here is the commercial for Pierre's School of Cosmotology, which I plan on attending after graduation. I will be majoring in "Nail Technology."

sonja said...

well thank you - and i think the technology of 'nail' will be a riveting study.

Christina said...

yeah i'm practicing my french tips tomorrow.