Sunday, July 30, 2006

this amused me

Mel Gibson - drunk and anti-semitic in california...

i'm on vacation from august 30th to september 15th. the countdown starts tomorrow - a little early, i realize, but i need something good to look forward to.

does anyone know about life in new mexico? i may want to live there. i've never lived in the southwest and i hear it's a dry heat... ;)


Tiny Tyrant said...

Poor old Mel. What a goose. I mean, c'mon!

Not sure what age he was when he first came to Australia to live, but like Russel Crowe, I'm happy that he wasn't born here.

Christina said...

OOH OOH, I know what life is like in New Mexico!
People wear ponchos and make pottery, and silver and turquoise jewelry!

sonja said...

now mel says (in his apology) that he wants the jewish leaders in los angeles to educate him on the error of his ways... oy vey!

hmm, perhaps i'll have to invest in a silver and turquoise poncho!!