Sunday, October 30, 2005

sonja needs...

straight from rich's blog:

and if you didn't LOOk at rich's blog, which you really should, just google your name, and add 'needs' after it.
i assure you that hilarity will ensue.

this is an update of the Sonja Needs thingie because i found really funny stuff this time - someone looked at this page the other day, so i checked.

Sonja needs both bread and roses. interesting..
Sonja needs to be nerfed big time. too true.
Sonja needs an angry expression. hmm, give me a minute...
Sonja needs snacks throughout the day. and that's how to gain 5 pounds on your vacation... sigh.

Sonja needs to find a new home - ain't that the truth!

Sonja needs to have a marriage license from County Clark which costs $55 - that's kinda scary. where IS Clark County, anyway?

Sonja needs a family that can give her a lot of time & love - my family's good like that, but i guess you can always have MORE love...

Sounds to me like Sonja needs a psychiatrist - well, that's just... well... alright, maybe a teeny bit true?!

Sonja needs a caretaker - DAMN, i'm not that old

Sonja needs to focus more - well, maybe that's... ooh... ice cream!!

i just watched Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids and i was blown away by it. this woman goes to india to photograph the red light district and falls in love with the children of the prostitutes. she gives them cameras and teaches them all about photography and sends them out to take pictures of their lives. she tries, in vain mostly, to get these kids into good schools so that the girls won't have to follow their mothers into 'the line'
rent it and watch it. the kids came out with some of the finest photos i've seen.

Alzheimer's and Picasso - a great article.

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