Friday, October 21, 2005

friday night blues

so i don't usually bring work up here, but today was a shit-ass day which has only reaffirmed my deep dislike of some people - well, alright, most people. i don't think that there exists a more self-centered, self-involved human alive than my employer. the lengths she will go to make herself look good to anyone astounds me. she finds a way to make EVERYthing about her, no matter what it is. you all thought Katrina was a hurricane that affected folks in new orleans, right? nope. it totally was about her when she couldn't cancel a credit card because the computers were down in NEW ORLEANS!! and she threw a fit - i almost fell over dead. and since i am NOT prone to exaggeration, you know it's the truth. thank god it's friday and i don't have to be anywhere near her until monday, which if you ask me is too damn soon. the good part of the story is that steven is visiting his friends at binghamton and i am alone (sorta - there is the dog) until sunday night.

there, i feel better. have a good weekend, i know i will.

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Christina said...

well that story had me laughing for about ten minutes... not that i don't feel bad for you, but from an outside perspective it sure is funny.