Wednesday, October 12, 2005

a dog & turtle show

so my (so-called) fearless, terrifying pitbull puppy is afraid of the rain. yup. the. rain. she refuses to go out in it. which would be funny if it didn't mean that she's holding in all her bodily functions until it stops. and, my friends, it doesn't look like it's EVER going to stop. the first time i tried to take her out she jumped up on me to get under my umbrella. stupid, she's not - just a bit ridiculous.

one of my turtles died. i'm not exactly sure of what, but i knew he wasn't feeling great when i took him out with the other two to feed and he didn't try and eat me. then he didn't eat anything which is no good. i was going to take him out alone to feed him the next day, but i didn't have the chance. he went that quickly. i was pretty surprised at how sad i was - that may sound heartless, i know, but turtles aren't the most cuddly of pets (like my petrified pooch) so, the tears kinda took me by surprise.

this constant rain is depressing me. i don't mind the cooler temperature, but the raw-ness of the past few days is starting to get to me. and i need a new winter coat - hell, i need new winter clothes, winter shoes - you name it, i need it. and i HATE HATE HATE shopping. yes, that's right. female. hates shopping.

the day before halloween is my dad's 72nd birthday. we used to call it gate night. i don't know what everyone else calls it though i've heard different names. well, that's pretty old, isn't it? 72? he lives in florida (where all jews go to die apparently) although not in boca. he's on the gulf side in sarasota. right down the street from pee wee herman's parents house. for real. he drives a camaro - (my dad, not pee wee, or his parents) the fast one too. he's kind of nuts, i guess. still calls me kid. i like that.

well, the dog wants to play so this is where i'll stop for now.

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