Wednesday, August 31, 2005

i heart t. rex

last night i watched the T. Rex movie called 'Born to Boogie'
which was directed (and produced) by Ringo Starr. it was filmed in 1972 with Tony Visconti producing and mixing the all the music. Marc Bolan's son, (everybody groan)
Rolan Bolan (it WAS the 70's!) presented the the documentary (rockumentary?!) part of it. well, the concert, which took place at Wembley Stadium, was sold out - 20,000 seats - was SO good. Mickey Finn on bongos (man, he was extraordinarily handsome!) Steve Currie on bass, and Bill Legend on drums. i've always loved their sound, but i had forgotten how good a band they actually were. great rhythm section. and Marc's stage presence was electric. definitely born to be a rock star, that one. and marc sang one of my favorite songs - 'Spaceball Ricochet' - using only his acoustic guitar.
best few hours i've spent in awhile...

mickey finn (on the left)

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