Thursday, June 30, 2005

here and there

it's the last day of june and i'm looking forward to a 3 day weekend. i'm debating whether or not i should bother with the fireworks this year.
my neighbor's dog has a brain tumor and i keep getting these headaches...probably unrelated, but the hypochondriac in me is concerned.
if i hear pink floyd on the radio again i'm going to lose my mind!
a little back story - everytime i turn on the radio (for the last 4 months) a floyd song is playing. i don't like them. i guess (and i'm dating myself here, but so what) it's because i've heard the same songs for 25 mother-effin' years! yeah, you can try & do the math but your head may explode. i know mine would. anyway, i even went so far as to BUY dark side of the moon just to see if it would stop. nope. maybe THAT'S what's causing all my headaches. hmmm... anyhow, enjoy yourselves over the weekend and remember to bar-b-que something. here's some stuff i found noodling around:

the latest edition to the National Museum of the American Indian is not a ceremonial mask or even a kachina doll, but Felipe Rose’s gold record from 1978 – Y.M.C.A.
by yes, the village people. Rose, the son of a member of the Lakota-Sioux tribe,
was, of course, the Indian in the group. He donated the award to the museum on his 51st birthday.

have you heard about this scam? apparently a gazillion people showed up at an apartment that they thought they’d sublet only to find out that someone already sublet the place! 18 people actually, and they all gave “Rita”, the subletting scammer, over $2,800. EACH. damn.

check the schedule – i bet you’ll find someone you’d like to hear... i’d like to see Vienna Teng – she’s got a killer voice – and Stefon Harris & Blackout he plays the vibraphone like nobody’s business... all at Madison Square Park – free and outside – rain or shine.

KKK tries a recruitment drive in...Massachusetts?! some local residents of Somerset and Dighton woke up to find slipped into their morning paper a flyer proclaiming: “Good News! The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is organizing in Massachusetts!”

if you live in (or near) Marietta, Georgia, you should check the Marietta/Cobb Art Museum for a terrific exhibition called Wind Blown: American Motorcycle Fine Art. it features Billy Lane (my favorite builder) and the late Indian Larry’s bike in addition to paintings and photos of all kinds. wish i could go, but Georgia? too damn far.

this had me almost choking on my raspberry snapple
gangsta gadgets they're called and you've gotta see 'em to believe...!
check out the 'Ba-Donka-Donk Mouse'


Christina said...

first of all, i'm sorry to say i don't think you really have a choice whether or not you experience fireworks unless you either hide in the basement or leave the area...
as for the articles, that rita's pretty clever, and EVIL. that poor woman came all the way from texas...
and the gangsta gadgets page is pretty sweet, i particularly like the redman eye. whoever thought this stuff up is awesome.

Joey said...

I love that mouse

Q.Rock639 said...

I love it when I don't check your site for a while and when I finally do, you have something like the badunkadunk mouse to give me the best laugh I've had all day!

da mountain said...

In Massachusetts, yet?! Holy shit, that's funny.

Anonymous said...


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