Tuesday, May 10, 2005

sebastião salgado's genesis project

i think he is one of THE most extraordinary photographers out there.
this is part of his mission statement for his ongoing Genesis Project.
i am including a link to some of his photos...

"The modern notion that humanity and nature are somehow separate is absurd. Our relationship with nature - with ourselves - has broken down. As the most developed species, humanity may have a special, often dominant, relationship with nature, but it is no less part of nature. Indeed, we cannot survive outside it. And yet accelerated urbanisation over the past century has distanced humanity from the very animal and plant sources of life itself. We are living in disharmony with the elements that comprise the universe, as if we too were not similarly formed, as if we were purely rational beings. We are disregarding the spiritual and instinctive qualities that until now have ensured our survival. We assume grave risks when we distance ourselves from our natural roots, roots which in the past always made us feel part of the whole.

I conceive this project as a potential path towards humanity's rediscovery of itself in nature. I have named it Genesis because, as far as possible, I want to return to the beginnings of our planet: to the air, water and fire that gave birth to life; to the animal species that have resisted domestication and are still "wild"; to the remote tribes whose "primitive" way of life is largely untouched; and to surviving examples of the earliest forms of human settlement and organisation. This voyage represents a form of planetary anthropology. Yet it is also designed to propose that this uncontaminated world must be preserved and, where possible, be expanded so that development is not automatically commensurate with destruction.

My photographs will be divided in four chapters.
But since this will be a journey of exploration and discovery, I have a better idea of where I will look than what I will find."


da mountain said...

Wow! His photos are brilliant.
Yours aren't too shabby either, girl.


sonja said...

aww, you say the nicest things...