Friday, March 25, 2005

three things...

three things i am wearing right now
1. fuzzy socks
2. ferrari t-shirt
3. 4 silver rings

three things on my desk
1. batteries
2. a mug of hot cider
3. a picture of my friend steve

three things i want to do before i die
1. sail to easter island
2. learn to scratch
3. live in scotland for a year

three ways to describe my personality
1. curious
2. sarcastic
3. independent

three bad things about my personality
1. i overthink EVERYthing
2. a little too cynical
3. people say i can be intimidating

three places i want to go before i die
1. easter island
2. guatemala
3. new zealand

three nicknames i have
1. miss direction
2. shasta
3. moonflower

three screen names i have had
1. celandyne
2. aneira
3. herefishyfishy

three people i miss most
1. steve 1960 – 1988
2. wendy feldhuhn
3. my grandpa max

3. three websites people may not know about

three visual artists i like
1. sebastiĆ£o salgado
2. jacob riis
3. odilon redon

three books i like
1. in the country of last things
2. love in the time of cholera
3. the history of luminous motion

three people (living or dead) to invite to my ultimate dinner party
1. octavio paz
2. tom waits
3. alexander rodchenko


da mountain said...

Mercy the wonder dog?

And I'd kinda like to be in on your ultimate dinner party - make it 4? I saw a Rodchenko exhibit in LA a few years back - what an eye that guy had!


sonja said...

mercy, yeah... he was a brute
of a rottweiler (with a heart
of gold)
he was the first dog i had
living on my own. he was a
rescue, and the first thing i
said upon seeing him was
mercy, he's huge!! :)


oh, and you're welcome to
be in on my ultimate dinner...