Wednesday, March 2, 2005


i found myself at the bottom of a hole
it was raining and i had no hat
the rain mingled with tears of frustration
making the water running down my face taste sweet and salty
i looked up out of the hole and i could see birds flying in pairs
they did not seem to mind the rain
trying to find a way out of the hole i stumbled over a large rock
at first i thought it would only hamper my escape
later i would see my error
shouting for help occurred to me but
i could not bear the sound of my own plaintive cries
i needed a way out. minutes passed then an hour
it dawned on me finally that i should use what i had to get out
the rock
so my error was not only the obvious misjudging
of a temporary situation
but was a direct reflection of the way i think
flawed, dismissive
using the rock for leverage, i clawed at the wet earth,
and with dirt on my face, emerged from the hole
the only positive i got out of this experience
aside from getting out at all,
was the knowledge that eventually
i can see what is right in front of me


da mountain said...

Don't kick yourself when you're down, Sonja - there are too many others willing to do it for you. As you well know. So try and be nicer to yourself,OK?


da mountain said...

Shoot, I forgot to ask you what 'Jurutungo' means?

sonja said...

that's the tricky part, billy
i find that i'm not all that
proficient at it...

and jurutungo means
a place that is nowhere
fitting, no?