Wednesday, March 16, 2005

can journals ever be TOO public?

public journal - isn't that an oxymoron?
like fresh frozen or military intelligence?
it seems like my brain is on auto pilot and
forgot the code to land or something. a friend -
no, rather an ex-friend - had been writing a journal
for years and when he asked me if i wanted to read it
i was surprised, but i did. i almost laughed out loud
(but that wouldn't have been friendly)
because it was obvious that he was writing so that one day
when he was dead his family could publish more of his stuff even though he's dead. like...oh...oh... damn...hemingway! that’s it! his son found some of his unpublished stuff and then finished it, yes FINISHED it for him and published it.
how presumptuous. and the worst part was - it sucked.
there was a reason ernie held back with that one.
he knew it would tank. and he was right

damn greedy families.
(family theme re-visited)

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Q.Rock639 said...

I know this comment is unrelated to the post but guess how happy I was to look at my blog today :)
very kewl!!
c u at canhead!