Saturday, February 12, 2005

the two-step

a zephyr gaze drifts
creasing a hazy stare
the subway's daybreak frames
depth in perpetual beauty
step - step

fidgeting thoughts sharpen
a solitary breath’s crusade
soul streaking sounds
drench the floor
step - step

word's radiant glare
introduces a thought
i hum a few tunes but the wind's
lullaby is more favorable to mine
step - step

pacing in my mind's perspective
i paint a mural's tear
perfect moments intertwine
so glad to be walking away

with you

step – step


da mountain said...

This is different from the ones I've read here so far - and I like it. It's from a different place almost - know what i mean? the 2nd and 3rd stanzas are really tight. Something about the end is bugging me though...?
More later.


sonja said...

yeah, i know what you mean billy -
let me know if you figure it out
have a happy sunday...


Q.Rock639 said...

I dunno know what he means...I thinks it's hot.

But that may just be my way of butt kissing to compensate for not wishing SV a Happy BDay 5 days ago! (sorry..Guess who hasnt been surfing the blogs like he should.)

C U!

sonja said...

it's all good...
better late than never, Q!
(no butt kissing necessary :))